I’m a huge fan of awesome freebies that help you with your life and running. To make it easy for you, I’ve consolidated all of my bonus freebies into one place!

6 Day Half Marathon Training Kick-Start Course

Are you getting started on your half marathon journey but not sure how to move forward, or where to start?

That’s okay! I’ve got you covered.

In my 6-Day Half Marathon Training Kick-Start Course, we cover:

  • Setting Expectations
  • What to Expect During Training
  • Set Up Your Training Plan
  • How to Track Your Training + BONUS Download
  • Finding Your “WHY” + Worksheet
  • What the MOST Important Training Focus Should Be
  • The Gear You Need to Succeed

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Running Workout Tracker

What can I say?

This running tracker is pure awesomeness.

I created it because I was sick of scribbling all over my printed training plan, switching my workouts around to accommodate my schedule, drawing check-marks when I did the workout, or drawing arrows to move a workout.

The final straw was when my puppy got ahold of my plan and ripped it to shreds halfway through my training cycle.

Thus, I created an easy-to-modify spreadsheet to plan, record, and track my runs. It’s simple to plug in another trainer’s plan, or design your own training plan.

This running tracker is free to download and use. It’s my way of saying thank you for stopping by the blog! I’ll send it right to your inbox.

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Fueling Strategy Cheat Sheet

This Fueling Strategy Cheat Sheet was inspired by my post, 3 Powerful Strategies for Fueling Your Next Half Marathon.

It’s great to read a bunch of information and guidelines once, but who honestly can remember all those fueling rules when you need to put together your strategy?

Thus, I created a downloadable PDF so you can save your fueling strategy for reference later when you’re putting together your long run or race day plan.

It sorts out carbohydrate intake, water intake, different carbohydrate sources, and outlines the different plans. It even contains my favorite product recommendations that work best for a runner’s sensitive stomach!

This one is free too, as another way for me to say thank you for reading the blog, and I hope you come back soon!

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Again, THANK YOU for stopping by RunningMyBestLife!

I genuinely appreciate each and every reader, and I hope my posts help you along your running journey.


Run Happy,


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