Free Running Tracker

Grab your copy of my FREE Running Workout Tracker now!

When I started training for my first half marathon, I needed a customizable way to make my workouts line up with the day of the week that I planned to do them.

I also wanted a way to quickly see whether I completed the planned workouts or not. 

When I just printed out a training plan, I would end up crossing out workouts, drawing arrows, and trying to move days around. 

But that just was just messy and ended up being hard to read.  

So I created my own spreadsheet where I could keep everything organized…

The tracker I made for my first half marathon

I also added a column at the end of the week that would automatically calculate my weekly mileage.

Now with this running tracker, I can see at-a-glance what my training load for the week was like.

Are you sick of crossing out, drawing arrows, and trying to calculate your total mileage at the end of the week? 

This running tracker will do it for you!  

You can adapt this running tracker to any training plan. 

Just add your planned workouts where it says “Planned Workout” for each day. 

Adjust the date at the beginning of the week so you know which row corresponds to what day. 

After your run, put your daily mileage in the white row below your planned workout. 

As you progress through the week, watch your mileage add up! 

This is what your tracker will look like!

Grab your copy of my FREE Running Workout Tracker now!