4 Healthy Snack Tips Every Runner Who Travels Should Know

Eating healthy snacks in the airport can be a real challenge.

If you’ve been through an airport, you know that security requirements severely restrict the liquids you can bring, so you’re better off to bring powders or solid snacks with so you don’t get your meal confiscated by TSA agents.

Whether you are traveling for a race, or traveling for work, you know that buying any food or drinks at the airport can be extremely expensive!

Five dollars for a bottle of water…Are you KIDDING me? I drink upwards of 5-6 bottles of water a day, so that gets really expensive, really fast.

Easy, Healthy Airport Snack Advice for Runners

4 Healthy Snack Tips for Runners When You Travel

These tips will help you keep healthy snack options on hand and learn how to navigate airport travel days while sticking to your healthy eating plan and avoiding all of the airport junk.

B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Bottle)

When you go through airport security, you can’t bring more liquid than fits in your 3-1-1 bag. Thus, you’re not going to be able to fit enough water to keep you hydrated all day.

You CAN, however, bring an empty water bottle through airport security! Just be sure to double check that it’s empty before you head through the TSA line.

Get yourself a quality refillable water bottle, and bring it with. You can fill it with filtered water at one of the many water fountains available after you get through security. I usually bring at least 2 bottles with, so I have something to drink when I’m on the plane as well.

Bring Something to Flavor Your Water

You tend to stay more hydrated if your water actually tastes good. Just because the airport water runs through a filter doesn’t mean that it will taste like fresh glacier water. My favorite thing to drink while I’m traveling is Nuun, because it helps me stay hydrated. Also, Nuun has an Immunity product that can help you fend off any chances of getting sick from millions of airport germs.

Pack a Variety of Healthy Snack Options       

Have you ever noticed that the airline snack options are basically carbs, carbs, or more carbs? I like to pack my own goodie bag of snack options with healthy snacks like protein bars, nuts, and fruit. I’m not always the greatest at sticking to my planned meals if something else sounds tastier, so bringing a variety of healthy options allows me to pick a healthy snack based on what I’m feeling like that day.

Here are a few options that I like to pack:

  • Protein Shake
  • Apple
  • Banana
  • Protein Bar, RX Bar, Kind Bar,
  • Jerky
  • Nuts and Dried Fruit
  • Granola Bars
  • Trail Mix

Pretty much any of these options are better than the cookies or pretzels that the airlines will offer you in-flight. Just keep your snack bag handy in your personal bag, along with your water bottle, and you’ll have plenty of delicious and nutritious options.

Make Sure to Plan Ahead and Bring a Few Extras

Most of all, make sure you plan your nutrition ahead of time when you travel. There’s nothing worse than getting caught in an airport or on a plane with a growling stomach and getting stuck with really expensive, unhealthy options.

Take a few minutes before your trip to plan out your snacks and meals and be sure to pick up a few extras at the grocery store (or jump on Amazon) a few days before you go.

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Be Flexible with Your Meals

Some people really like to have exactly what they’re going to eat for the day planned out and plugged into a calorie tracker. I’m one of those people. Others like to just go with the flow and see what’s available.

When I’m traveling, I have to loosen up a bit and be open to eating what is available, although I usually try to take in the options and choose the one that will make me feel the best and not derail my goals. If you try to stay too rigid, the type of meal you want might just not be feasible. Typically, I try to eat healthy snacks throughout the day, and eat a full meal when I finally arrive at my destination. If I do eat in the airport, I look for something like a salad with protein or a smoothie.

4 Healthy Snack Tips Every Runner Who Travels Should Know

What are your best travel hacks for staying healthy?


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