Running Medal Display Product Review: Running on the Wall

Do you need a running medal display to show off all your hard work?

Let’s be real, running medals are awesome. It’s one of the many perks of running races, and for many people it is one of the big reasons they race.

Let’s be honest. It’s fun to display the fruits of your hard work and training, day in and day out. In a way, each medal represents the weeks of training and many miles that led up the each race.

You know you like showing off your medals. Why else would #medalmonday exist?

Why Buy a Medal Hanger?

It is SO much more satisfying to get home from a race and hang your medal up on the wall where it can be prominently seen than it is to throw it in a drawer, to be forgotten about.

After you’ve been running for a few years, the medals really start to add up. It’s no fun to disgrace your hard work by throwing it in a drawer or keeping it locked up in a bag.

Put it on display!

Medal hangers keep your medals organized, proudly display them for all to see, and provide an attractive arrangement to hang them on the wall. Many medal racks also have a place to display your race bibs as well.

Which Medal Display Works the Best?

The best medal hanger is attractive to the eye and contains a LOT of hooks. You’ll be collecting several medals before you know it, so make sure you have room to grow!

I got my most recent running medal display from Running On The Wall, and I LOVE the fact that they have a TON of hooks on their medal displays.

The previous medal hanger I bought only contained 10 hooks, and my new one from Running On The Wall contains 24 hooks for medals, plus 4 hooks to hold race bibs.

That’s over TWICE the space for hanging medals!

When my new running medal display arrived, I immediately fell in love with the color (it’s my favorite!).

Running Medal Display Product Review

The only drawback is that I had to assemble the pieces, because it was shipped without the hooks in the board.

Running Medal Display Product Review

It was pretty simple and easy, and before long, it was up on the wall!

Running Medal Display Product Review

You want a medal display that is attractive and contains a quote that motivates you. You want it to capture the essence of why you run.

Running Medal Display Product Review

Disclaimer: Running on the Wall sent me a free sample of this product in exchange for a product review. This does not impact my opinion of the product itself in this review. For more information, please review my Legal page.

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