32 Holiday Gift Ideas for Runners

Gift Ideas Perfect for Runners

We searched the internet far and wide to compile this list of awesome holiday gift ideas for runners.

The holidays are a time of year when finding the right gifts for everyone can be tough. If you need a gift for the awesome runner in your life, you’re in luck!

From running gear to treats and safety, you are sure to find the perfect gift for the runner in your life.

We even sorted them out by stocking stuffer holiday gift ideas for runners and Christmas gift ideas your runner is sure to love!

11 Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas for Runners

Who doesn’t love stocking stuffers?

Maybe your runner is taking it easy on the chocolate this year, but here are some stocking stuffer ideas that your runner is sure to love!

These stocking stuffer ideas for runners are small and will surely fit in your runner’s stocking this Christmas.

Gift Ideas Perfect for Runners

Energy Gels

If your runner is does half marathons or full marathons, they go through a lot of running fuel. Grab a few of their favorite running gels for their stocking.


Waffles are a perfect treat that your runner is sure to love before their workout, during a long hike or run.

Energy Chews

If your runner isn’t huge on gels and waffles, they probably enjoy gummies. They are like fruit snacks, only with extra electrolyte and mineral goodness for runners!

Winter Headband

A headband or hat is perfect for running in the winter. If your runner still hits the pavement when the temperature drops, they are sure to need a good headband, or three.

Touchscreen Gloves

Let’s not forget about how cold your fingers can get while running in the fall and winter. There’s nothing more annoying than having to take your gloves off if you need to adjust your phone, so better go with the touchscreen variety.


Every runner loves Nuun. It’s hydrating, delicious, AND low calorie. Nuun just makes water taste amazing. I drink this stuff all day long.

Running Phone Armband

A phone armband is essential to get your phone out of your pocket and out of your way. Just be sure to get the right size that fits your runner’s phone.

Running Jewelry

Runners love to talk about running. And they love identifying with the fact that they are a runner. Give your runner a piece of jewelry to wear that will help them cement their identity as a runner.


If your runner doesn’t carry ID on them when they head out, RoadID makes some great custom bracelets and shoe tags that contains the essential information and emergency contact in case something happens. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Runner Coffee Mug

Because what runner doesn’t love coffee (or tea)?! Plus, we get to make a statement again about how badass we are because we run.

Body Glide

Because chafing. If your runner goes the distance, you might have seen them pull this out. By the way, they will run out and need more.

21 Holiday Gift Ideas for Runners

Thinking of the perfect holiday gift idea for the runners you love isn’t always easy, but I guarantee you there is something they wish they had but aren’t willing to buy themselves.

This list of holiday gift ideas for runners will help jog your memory…because they’re probably mentioned one of these as “It would be nice to have _____ .” If you don’t remember, just pick something you think they might need another of (like compression socks or a medal display)!

Gift Ideas Perfect for Runners

Compression Socks

Compression socks are the perfect gift, and your runner definitely needs more. They’re awesome for recovery and long runs!

Performance Socks

When your runner doesn’t need compression but still wants to prevent blisters, this is your go-to.

Running Hat

Running in the rain sucks…unless you have a hat to keep the rain out of your eyes. Then it rocks! Grab your runner a running hat to help them enjoy running in the rain or shine…to keep the sun out of their eyes.

Recovery Sandals

Oooo recovery sandals! There’s nothing better after a long race than changing out of your running shoes and into some heavenly recovery sandals. These are designed to give your runner comfort after traveling 13.1-26.2 (or more!) miles.

Good Running Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must anytime the sun is bright…which is most runs. I love my Oakley Half Jacket sunglasses because they stay put on my head without bouncing, and Goodr sunglasses are extremely popular among runners for their style and color options.

Foam Roller or Massage Stick

A good foam roller is the perfect gift for your runner. These are nice to keep around the house to work out any knots you might find. For deeper knots, give your runner the gift of a massage stick.

Running Hydration and Fuel Vest

If your runner is increasing distance and needs something handy to carry all their fuel and necessities out on the run, a hydration vest is just what they need.

Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones are pretty much a necessity now. Help your runner get the convenient, easy to use headphones to keep jammin’ out on their runs.

Handheld Water Bottle

For shorter runs where you still need hydration, a handheld water bottle can be the perfect way to go. Plus, some of them even have a pocket for extra fuel.

Reflective Running Vest

If your runner heads out in the early or late hours of darkness this winter, they NEED a reflective running vest for safety. Show them how much you love them by making them visible on the roads. Bonus points if it lights up!

Running Headlamp

Just like a reflective safety vest is important to be seen, it’s also important to see where you are stepping! A good headlamp will help your runner see where they are headed in the dark, without being annoyingly bulky and bouncing around.

Medal Display Hanger

If your runner has a few medals already, chances are there will be more on the way! A medal display can be the perfect way to show your runner that you support their goals. Running on the Wall makes my favorite medal displays.

Running Medal Display Product Review

The Running Journal: For Running Every Day

Speaking of supporting your runner’s hobby, if the runner in your life is somewhat new to the sport and looking to gain consistency with their running, this Running Journal is PERFECT for them! It’s chalk-full of trackers, worksheets, and motivation.

This product is a digital download, but you could easily have it printed and bound by a local office supply store, and wrap it up as a gift for your runner.

The Running Planner contents

Runner Wine Glasses

If your runner is also a wine lover, these are perfect because well…we’ve “earned” it!

Life is a Marathon by Matt Fitzgerald

This book is a perfect motivational read for any runner who has encountered a struggle or two in their life. It’s a good reminder of how a marathon really is a great metaphor for life.

26 Marathons by Meb Keflezighi

This book is another great read about the lessons learned by Meb Keflezighi in each of his 26 marathons.

Runners World Cookbook

Give your runner the gift of healthy recipe ideas to change things up and fuel for their next run with a Runner’s World Cookbook!

Garmin Forerunner 35

Garmin running watches are awesome for tracking your running stats. They’re even better to help with pacing during races. If your runner doesn’t have a Garmin yet, the Forerunner 35 is a great one to get them started with.

Or a Fancier Garmin…

If they already love Garmin running watches and want to step it up with a few more features, you could go all out.


Most runners LOVE listening to something good on their runs. Especially their long runs. It’s really helpful to keep the mind busy as you pass the miles. Give your runner the gift of an Audible membership for the next year!

Holiday Gift Ideas For the Runners Who Love Dogs

If your runner also likes to let their dog tag along on some runs, check out Stunt Puppy for some gift ideas.

Stunt Puppy is a small business who loves dogs…and runners! I was lucky enough to meet the owners and chat them up when I purchased my dog’s harness and Stunt Runner, and I LOVE the amazing quality!

Plus, it’s nice to run with your pup hands-free.

StuntPuppy Runner Harness

StuntPuppy StuntRunner

What holiday gift is on your wishlist this year?

Hopefully my husband read this list, because I would take just about anything on here…


Run Happy,


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