Half Marathon Training Diaries: Week 2 Feeling Like Less Than Superwoman

half marathon training

If you haven’t read my kick-off post about the half marathon I’m training for, head back here first.

This week was a learning experience as the pendulum between productive and not productive swung back and forth. I have high expectations for myself, and I like to pack many things into my life because if I have too much margin, I feel like I’m wasting time.

This blog is a great opportunity to outlet my thoughts, feelings, and experiences, but I always have at least 10 more things on my list that I would like to do with it.

I’m also working on my Master of Business Administration, just got a 5 month old puppy last week that needs lots of attention and training, work a full-time job, training for a half-marathon, keeping tabs on the new house we’re building, attempting to keep our house looking clean and presentable, managing the household finances, and being a good wife.

So yeah…I’m “busy”.

Meet Ginger! She’s a 5 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback/ Blackmouth Cur mix. Aka…future running buddy.

Sometimes I’m super productive. I can get SO MANY things done in just a couple hours. Other days, I just want to shut down and do nothing. Is that what they mean by finding balance? Finding balance in life seems to be an on-going journey.

Do you have a half marathon coming up? This calendar makes it easy to figure out when you need to start training for your race.

My half marathon training started off strong this week


Scheduled: 3 miles easy

What I Did: 3 miles, nice and slow. I felt a little stiff Monday from my cross training on the spin bike Sunday (my first time trying out the spin bike), but it was nice to have an easy run to get into the second training week.


Scheduled: 30 minute Tempo Run

What I Did: 2.62 miles/27:21 duration.

I thought my loop out an around the pond would be about 30 minutes, but I underestimated the pace of a tempo run. My husband decided to join me for this run, which was fun.

We started off with a nice, slow pace to warm-up. After the first half mile, we picked up the pace a little. The second split (I get my split times every 0.50 miles) was at a 9:52 pace, which is just under my half marathon goal pace for this upcoming race. By the time we ran around the pond (about our halfway point) we were running at my goal 5k pace, about 8:55/mile. We kept that pace up to the 2 mile point, and then started to slow down with a super slow cool-down pace at the end.  

tempo run
Tempo run felt great!

I felt AWESOME at the end of this run. SO much better than my speed workout last week!


Scheduled: 3 easy miles

What I Did: 3.05 miles

I was feeling better for this run. After an awesome tempo run Tuesday, 3 easy miles seemed really easy. I enjoyed listening to a Marathon Training Academy podcast and really relaxed into the run.


Scheduled: Rest day

What I Did: Rest!

Actually, I was really glad I didn’t have a workout on the books Thursday. I got off work a little later than normal.

My husband also got off work WAY later than normal because he had to take care of some extra things before he could leave. When he got home, I had dinner almost ready and we just talked for hours about everything that happened throughout the course of the day.

It was nice to just relax and talk…I’ve been hyper-focused on being as productive as possible with my time lately, and I needed a break.


Scheduled: 3 miles @ 9:55 pace (My goal half marathon pace)

What I Did: Rest

I was in a weird funk Friday, and I can’t explain it.

My morning at work was completely crazy, and I was pulled in 4 different directions. When I finally got everything under control and the dust settled, I couldn’t seem to focus on anything else I had to do.

When I went home to get ready for my run, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Instead of running, I let myself have a lazy afternoon/evening binge-watching NCIS with my husband. (I didn’t even work on homework like I was supposed to!)


Scheduled: 6 mile long run

What I Did: 5.63 mile group run

When I found out that my local Run the Year 2019 group was getting together for a run on Saturday, I knew I had to get out there. I’m usually an introverted solo runner, and one of my personal convictions this year is to meet new people and make running friends.

The intent of the run was 60 minutes of running, so I figured this would be pretty close to my long run distance. I did get pretty close, and the pace averaged 10:36 per mile, which is quicker than I would’ve run my long runs (around 12:00 per mile).

I guess that sort-of makes up for the pace run I missed?

Run the Year 2019 Group Run
Great group!


Scheduled: 30 minutes cross train

What I Did: 30 minutes of easy spinning on my home spin bike.

This time I remembered to wear my padded biking shorts, and it really saved my bum!

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