Half Marathon Training Diaries: Week 3

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half marathon training week 3

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I was a little antsy this week. With the 5k on Saturday, the plan called for rest days both Thursday and Friday. When I take more than one day in a row off, I feel like I’m losing time.

My overall miles were also lower this week because Friday was a rest day instead of a run day, and Saturday was a 5k instead of a long run. More than once I had to remind myself: it’s all part of the process. Trust the plan and keep at it.


Scheduled: 3.5 miles easy

What I Did: 3.52 miles.

This run was an easy effort, but my pace was a little quicker than my usual easy runs. I felt pretty good and averaged an 11:32/mi pace. I was going to rein in the pace…but then I remembered that as long as my easy miles are under an 11:00/mi pace (for me), I’m still at the right effort for my 80% easy miles for the 80/20 rule.

I talk more about the 80/20 rule and why I’m sticking to it for this plan in my in-depth post.


Scheduled: 6 x 400m @ 9:00/mi pace

What I Did: 2.64 miles/6 x 400m @ 8:34/mi pace

Wow did I ever feel awesome during this workout!

I usually do my repeat workouts on my treadmill, because it’s easier to track the exact distance. The miles in this workout included my slow jog to warm-up, but they don’t include the walking afterwards to cool down.

So…I was supposed to do these repeats at a 9:00/mi pace (5k pace), but I have previously been doing these workouts at a quicker pace, so I did what I felt I could hold on to for the entire workout. I felt so good throughout the run that pushed myself on the last repeat and ran it at an 8:00/mi pace.

I actually tested my new 5k playlist during this workout and made sure each of the songs progressed at an intensity that I would want for the race. There’s nothing better than running strong, fast, and in-control while jamming out to some awesome tunes!

5k race playlist

Feeling awesome during my speed workouts just confirms my commitment to the 80/20 running principle for this training cycle. I’m trying it out to see how my body reacts. If I like it, then I’m going to stick with it for future training.


Scheduled: 3 easy miles

What I Did: 3.08 FREEZING miles

Holy crap…I should’ve stayed inside and done this run on the treadmill. But I didn’t realize this until after I was already 1 mile into it and it was too late to turn around, I was already committed.

It got cold on Wednesday (around 23 degrees in Utah), and I’m somewhat of a wimp when it comes to cold weather. I know some people up north are practically penguins and they run in negative temperatures, but I can’t bring myself to do that. My threshold is about 25-30 degrees. I love going on runs around 30-40 degrees, that seems to be perfect for me. Luckily, that’s usually the temperature range Utah stays at throughout the winter.

Anyways…I couldn’t feel my chin or neck at all by the 1.5 mile turn-around point, and I wished I had worn my neck warmer that I normally save for skiing. Hindsight: 20/20.


Scheduled: Rest day

What I Did: Rest.

I felt like I could’ve gone for another run today but the training plan calls for rest so…I rested.

This worked out with my schedule because I was able to use the time I would’ve ran to schedule some appointments for my kids (read: dogs). I took Bruno into Petco for a bath and to get his nails trimmed (He won’t let us clip his nails…they have to hold him down. I’ll happily pay someone $40 to clip his nails. I think he had a bad experience a long time ago, and now he tries to bite the nail clipper.)

Ginger is doing great learning to walk on a loose leash!

I also took Ginger on a walk (she’s learning to walk on a leash politely, so she can be my running buddy in a few months!) and into the vet for her puppy exam, initial round of shots, and microchip. I might have to do a blog post on teaching your dog to run with you…because I’m going through this training process right now…


Scheduled: Rest day

What I Did: Rest.

Argh! Who takes 2 rest days in a row?!

Someone who follows her training plan, that’s who. I’m following the Hal Higdon Half Marathon Intermediate plan, and there is a 5k race on the training plan for the end of week 3. I was actually able to find a Sweetheart 5k this weekend, so a 5k it is!

I was really excited to go into this 5k because I feel ready…and it’s been a while since I’ve raced. I’m not sure if this will be a PR or not. The last 5k PR I set was 28:00 in Ohio, which is at significantly lower elevation than Utah. We shall see..


Scheduled: 5k Race

What I Did: 5k Sweetheart Race (3.09 miles)

sweethearts 5k race
Pre-race selfie with my sweetheart!

This race went really well, although I felt like I could’ve done slightly better if I had changed a few things. I won’t spill everything here, but you can head over to my Sweetheart 5k Race Recap post to get the play-by-play on how the race went and what the results were. (Hint: It went pretty dang well!)


Scheduled: 40 minutes cross train

What I Did: 40 minutes easy/moderate spin bike

I turned up the tension on the bike for about 15 minutes in the middle, which made it seem like more moderate than easy effort.

This 40 minutes on the spin bike seemed to drone on…I was listening to a good podcast which helped, but I think I’m going to branch out and go skiing in the coming weeks on my cross training day. Or take the puppies hiking when it gets warmer out. Definitely need to take the puppies hiking!

Overall, I felt great this week. The lower mileage was a nice step-back, but I’m ready to push my body further next week!

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