29 Reasons to Love Nuun: Hydration for a Better Life

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Nuun Hydration is reinventing how we think about hydration. Many of us know we need adequate hydration to lead an active life, but we’re also conscious about extra calories and sugar. We tend to avoid getting out electrolytes if they come with a price tag of several hundred extra calories per day. As the very first sports hydration product to separate carbohydrates from hydration, this company has responded to a vast need in today’s active community for quality hydration without all the extra junk, calories, and sugar.

With Nuun Hydration available, there’s no excuse to NOT hydrate. Be aware of the signs of dehydration, and take proactive, consistent action to prevent it.

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Here’s why Nuun Hydration is a great option for hydrating your life!

29 Ways Nuun is the Perfect Hydration Solution

Nuun is Low in Calories

The first thing many people notice and fall in love with about Nuun is the fact that their hydration products are low in calories. This is a refreshing change from most hydration products which are a minimum of 50-100 calories (and up!) per serving. Sports drinks high in calories might work for long endurance efforts where the athlete is burning off calories at a high rate and needs fuel, but most of us don’t need a ton of calories during a typical workout. Many of us are trying to control our calorie intake and NOT add extra calories where they aren’t necessary.

Nuun Sport, Immunity, Vitamins, and Rest are all between 10-15 calories per serving, which is perfect for getting your electrolytes in.

Nuun Hydration Products Contain Only Clean Ingredients

This company focuses on formulating their products with a “Plants-First Mindset,” which means they choose clean ingredients and are backed by several third-party certifications:

  • Certified Gluten Free by Gluten Intolerant Group
  • Kosher Certified by Orthodox Union
  • Certified Vegan by American Vegetarian Association
  • Informed Sport by LGC Sciences
  • Non GMO Project Verified by the Non-GMO Project

They are Perfect for a Sensitive Diet

Whether for medical reasons or as a lifestyle choice, it can be difficult to find products that fit a sensitive diet. Don’t worry, Nuun Hydration has you covered. More reasons to love Nuun!

  • Gluten Free
  • Soy Free
  • Dairy Free
  • No Artificial Colors
  • All Natural
  • Vegan-Friendly
  • Verified Non-GMO

Only 1 Gram Sugar

FINALLY, a hydration option that doesn’t come loaded with gobs of sugar.

Have you seen those boards where someone measures out how much sugar is in a drink? Don’t worry, I found one for you. The “normal” population would consider every single drink in this picture healthy. In reality, most of these are loaded with sugar.

Thankfully, Nuun only contains 1 gram of sugar, not a pile. Barely a dash if compared with the drinks in the picture. This is how Nuun is able to hydrate you without all the extra calories. Thanks to the (nearly) no sugar, there is zero crash effect.

Keep pushing and hydrating all day long!

The Amazing Flavors are Irresistible

Because Nuun has separated the sugary carbohydrates from hydration, it doesn’t have the “overly sweet or sticky” consistency and taste. Nuun Hydration is light, crisp, and refreshing. They use Stevia for sweetener, which is just enough to make it taste great.

Plus, they have a HUGE variety of flavors to choose from, and they all taste pretty amazing. (Trust me, I’ve tried them!)

Proper Hydration Helps Prevent Muscle Cramping

Muscle cramping sucks. And it can hit you at the worst time in the final miles of a race or hard workout. Although the scientific evidence isn’t entirely conclusive, many endurance athletes anecdotally note that when they are on top of their hydration and electrolyte consumption during long efforts they aren’t as susceptible to cramping. When they are lazy about hydrating…CRAMPS!

Nuun suggests drinking Nuun Rest in the evenings leading up to a hard effort (think: taper week) and consuming a few servings of Nuun during your races to delay/prevent the onset of muscle cramping. And of course, be sure to adequately hydrate.

Nuun Hydration is Easy on Sensitive Stomachs

Do you have one of those picky stomachs that seems to reject nearly everything?

Even stomachs that are normally fine may become more difficult when running due to the harsh motion of our body and the fact that we are taking blood away from our digestive system to pump our muscles. The fact that Nuun Hydration focuses on clean, plant-based ingredients and only natural flavors makes it the perfect solution for sensitive stomachs.

Caffeine Version Gives a Boost of Energy without the Negatives

Did you know that Nuun adds caffeine to some of their flavors??

Both Nuun Sport and Nuun Vitamins come with caffeinated options. This can be a great way to get an afternoon (or morning) pick-me-up when you need a boost, without reaching for a sugary, calorie-packed drink. Plus, you get the benefits of caffeine without the cramps, upset stomach, or jitters that come with some “other” energy drinks or caffeinated products.

Photo Credit: Nuun Instagram

Helps Curb Soda Cravings

Need to break your soda habit? Replace it with a Nuun + Caffeine.

Sometimes, water gets a little boring…and you want to reach for something with carbonation. And sweet. And caffeinated. The fizz in Nuun is perfect and easy to consume at work. To promote your healthy habit of Nuun instead of soda, you can keep a colorful tube on your desk to remind you to hydrate!

Be Proactive with Immunity

Exposed to lots of germs, kids, or traveling? Several Nuun lovers swear by Nuun Immunity to give their body the boost it needs to fight off potential sickness, whether it be in the kindergarten classroom, the airport, or before a monster workout.

Nuun Endurance is Perfect for Long Runs

On the occasion that you DO need quality carbohydrates with your hydration for those tough, extended workouts, Nuun Endurance is your fix. It still has all the natural, clean ingredients to go easy on your stomach, but it also has the healthy carbs to fuel you forward and through your long runs.

Nuun Endurance

Convenient Packaging is Easy to Carry with on Long Runs

Whether you decide to fuel your long runs with Nuun Endurance, Nuun Sport, or both, they come in easy packaging for you to stuff in a hydration vest pocket and mix with water from a drinking fountain or gas station while you’re out on a run. Nuun Endurance has the option to purchase in packets, and Nuun Sport comes in that convenient tube that takes up little space.

Nuun Sport is Perfect After a Hard Run When Your Stomach is Uneasy

Have you ever been in a situation where you finished a hard workout and your stomach seems to scream “NO!” to just about anything you might try to drink? The fact is, you still need to get your hydration in, and plain water isn’t always enough. Nuun Sport contains the right mix of electrolytes to replace what you lost through sweating, without getting rejected by your uneasy stomach.

Scored Tablets are Easy to Split If You Need To

On my long runs between 6-10 miles, I typically run with a hydration belt instead of a vest. The water bottles on this belt are 10 ounces each. ½ of a Nuun tablet is perfect for each one. Or, you might need to break the tablet in half to get it through the opening of a plastic water bottle. Either way, the tablets are conveniently scored so you can easily break them in half without the need for any tools!

Nuun is the Ideal Race Hydration

If there is a time your stomach is going to reject anything, it’s definitely on race day when you’re working harder, and the nerves are high.

Using clean, natural products like Nuun Sport or Nuun Endurance are the idea hydration for your race day to help keep your electrolytes balanced and water absorbing into your bloodstream. Nuun Endurance has just enough carbs to keep you energized, avoid the wall, and moving forward without filling your stomach with extra sugar it can’t absorb. Trust me, the last thing you want during a race is a sloshy stomach.

Nuun Helps You Stay Hydrated

Let’s be honest…the taste of water just gets boring sometimes. Because us fit people, we drink a LOT of water. Plain water can be good BUT sometimes you just need to mix it up. The delicious taste of Nuun can change it up, give your water some great flavor, AND make you want to hydrate more. Simply because it tastes great!

Slim Packaging Makes Nuun Easy to Travel With

The tube fits easily in your purse, carry on bag at the airport, in your desk at work, in your backpack on a hike, or in the pocket of a running vest. Nuun made their tablets SUPER easy to travel with by packaging them in a slim, compact design that you can take anywhere with you.

Nuun tablets are one of my secrets for staying healthy when I travel through airports.

Adequate Hydration Can Help You Recover Faster

Proper nutrition and hydration are vital to how our bodies recover after a tough workout. The quicker and better our bodies can recover, the faster we can get back out there and perform well on our next workout. Restoring our fluid and electrolyte balance helps your muscles repair, rest, and recover.

Nuun Hydration is Convenient and Simple to Use

The tablet design of Nuun Hydration makes it easy and simple to use. Just plop a tablet into your water. No mixing, no mess. Just wait a few minutes and your Nuun is dissolved and ready to drink.

Photo Credit: Nuun

Perfect Hydration Option for Low Intensity Exercise

Going for an easy bike ride, yoga class, walk or hike? The low calorie, low sugar nature of Nuun Sport makes it an obvious option for low intensity exercise when you don’t need extra carbs for fueling. Instead of just drinking plain ‘ol water during your low intensity exercise, spruce up the flavor with Nuun!

Simple Way to Get Electrolytes and Vitamins Without Extra Calories and Sugar

Bonus! Not only can you get your electrolytes in, but you can get extra vitamins too! Hydrate and revitalize your body with 11 of the most under-consumed vitamins and minerals, plus electrolytes.

Nuun Vitamins active ingredients breakdown:

  • Vitamin A, C & E for antioxidant support and recovery
  • Magnesium & Calcium for muscle function and health
  • Vitamin D, Magnesium & Calcium support bone health
  • Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Chloride & Calcium for optimal hydration
  • Folic Acid & B6 for energy metabolism

Gives You Energy for an Afternoon Boost

Whether you are wrestling Toddlers or just fighting the afternoon office slump, grab the caffeine option of Nuun Vitamins or Nuun Sport to give you that boost of energy you need to rock your afternoon. You day isn’t going to slow down, so why should you?

Plop. Fizz. Drink. Boost!

Nuun Hydration Supports Women in Sports

Nuun takes pride in going against the grain in a world where media outlets and other athletic companies have penalized women for choosing to have a family amidst their competitive years. Nuun’s Nuuness Award is just one way the company supports women. This award supports both professional and amateur female athletes as a cash prize to help women achieve their athletic goals. What a great way to inspire movement! #westandbyher

Cheerful, Bright Packaging Makes You Happy

Have you seen the Nuun packaging? It just makes me want to smile!

Colorful Nuun Hydration Instagram
Photo Credit: Nuun Instagram

Nuun Hydration Actively Engages in Corporate Responsibility

Nuun promotes recycling and re-purposing their empty containers with 9 Ideas on What to Do With Them. The company sources and packages their product to minimize carbon footprint with minimal waste and production energy, while sourcing sustainable ingredients. They also promote a Clean Planet by sharing tips, giving back as a company, and encouraging others to be positive change agents in their community.

It’s the Champagne of Sport Hydration

I heard this one from another Nuun Ambassador, and it’s so true! The fizz and crisp taste of Nuun reminds one of a glass of champagne…only in sports hydration version. Where else in sports hydration can you get the reminder of a fancy, celebratory drink?

Low Cost Per Serving

One tube of Nuun Hydration contains 10 servings for $7.00. That’s $0.70 per serving. Not much at all when you consider most sports hydration drinks (that are lower quality) are well over $1-2 per serving. Depending on where you purchase your Nuun, it might be even lower than that. On Amazon, you can some flavors of Nuun in a boxed pack that brings the cost down to around $5 per tube (Bringing the cost per serving down to around $0.50!). Further, Nuun Endurance is just $1.25 per serving, while many sports endurance drinks are well over $2-3 per serving.

Saving money? Yes please!

Different Product Lines to Support Exactly What You Need

Nuun Hydration understand that we have different hydration needs at different times. Sometimes we need extra calories and carbohydrates in Nuun Endurance to support a long endurance effort, and sometimes we just need the electrolytes to support proper hydration, like in Nuun Sport. Sometimes we could use a boost of Caffeine in our drink, and other times it isn’t necessary. Yet in other situations, our body needs the extra immune support with Nuun Immunity to protect our body. And after a long, hard effort or race, our body needs to relax and recover with Nuun Rest. Nuun just gets us.

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What is your favorite Nuun flavor? What do you love about Nuun Hydration?


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